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this before, during katrina, even with your protest, with president public we have problems do not get cocky, we have a handle on it, i am getting the same sense with this storm. i don't think anything approaching the magnitude of katrina thank good but the treatment of officials and the way they back slap each other when the problem is still very much at hand, that is similar. what do you thick of that? >>guest: that is similar and it is absolutely wrong. what i see based on my experience there must be a lost miscommunication going on between state, local, and federal officials. if that is the case and let me tell you why i think it is the case, if you have food distribution, warming centers, and fema centers where you can fine up for the relief housed in the same place, and family shuts that down and no one is communicating that to the victims and the disaster area someone is not communicating with someone and that is serious. >>neil: thank you for your insight, michael. the stuff gets coordinated and sometimes botched when everyone is not on the same page. michael brown was warning about
? should the market the forced out? >> we saw katrina where officials did crackdown to deliver generators. but it will be difficult for officials to do all lot about thes the deals are thrugh e-mail it is the free market is somebody is willing to spend $40 it is the free-market. gerri: look at the map of s prices. what it do see coming? >> for the country they ll go down. here they are going up in the northeast but even regionally prices will start to go down as we approach thanksgiving. gerri: we talk about your web site. low-key at what stage dense offer gas is a nice thing to know. >> we came together did this on saturday afternoon. great rests. 3 million page views so far. people are desperately looking. we are trying to build avoid to give anze desire just to3 give the 8,000 -- 80,000 updates at least all gas stations have had one update for anybody can update. gerri: is the amount of gas stations that actually have gas for the that is what you really want. thank you for coming on. major airline scrapping flights in and out of the new york area with the sec and stormed into weeks. on
went through hurricane katrina with our property in new orleans. unfortunately one consequence of the tremendous coverage that's provided at these events people tend to think that's not where i first imagine going for vacation activity or leisure activity. that's unfortunately a really bad counter intuitive result because the folks that work in these areas need the visitors. this area need the revitalization of people coming to see us and that's what we're lacking right now. >> what's the status of the gaming business today because we all read about what's happening in other places far from the united states. >> well it's mixed in the following way. there's a greater liberalization of gaming as what i describe as a normalization of gaming as a routine luxury activity and that's a good thing for our industry and for a company like mine. the largest market for gaming is now macau which is larger than all commercial gaming. >> is there a decline in las vegas and atlantic city because of that? >> no. that hasn't happened. macau market is driven by chinese and hong kong and taiwan a
in 2005 following hurricane katrina. last week the producers decided to air it again in the wake of super storm sandy. and one of michael jackson's brothers wants to change his name. >> is it tito? >> no. >> who is it? >> jermaine jackson. asking a court to let him alter his last name so he can become jermaine jackson with a u instead of an o. >> for what reason? >> we don't know. he filed a petition saying it was for quote artistic reasons. not sure what that means. while the spelling may change still sounds exactly the same. >> who said that? >> one of his friends. >> wow. okay. >> just silly . >> there must be a reason. we just don't know his motive. >> hopefully we'll find out. >> winter weather arrived early. how can you prepare your plants and trees to survive? >> our garden guide joins us after the break with tips on that. plus clean up after sandy. >> then your winter gloves, hats and coats, most of them start on the farm. that's where we find holly this morning. teaching us about knitting and wool. we'll be back. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid
during katrina. do you know when they going to arrive and where they going to be placed? >> reporter: as key we're drove in, we saw fema trucks. i didn't see the fema trailers but they're set up at the school and firehouse here into town and that is where they serving hot meals and the red cross is there. but that is something they're working on all over the jersey coast line. the barrier islands were evacuated and some of them you can't get back into. the areas like the one i am in now, people are allowed to come in during the daytime and try to gather whatever belongings they can and that is the saddest part, watching them return to their homes and go through all of their ruined belongings. >> i can only imagine. it looks like a tornado blew through there and on top of the deaf station, there is no power for most of -- devastation, there is no power for the people and they looking for the items in the dark. thank you for the update. >> it got warmer. >> yeah. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >>> and back here at home, we're not dealing with that, but it's colder out there and tha
see on the chart physically is katrina, that bump over there on the left. all the other storms, no pun intended, wash out. here is the katrina effect that bump right there, goes up and comes back down. so hopefully this is not an effect like katrina but if it is in general we'll see if the market looks to it. i was interested in jason trennert's comments earlier that he sees a recession coming and we have to parse that because we can go up to 500,000. i don't buy it but i'd like to talk with jason. jason is a smart guy. >> jobless claims bungy like the fiscal cliff bungy, go back down and then up? >>> let's get to rick santelli who flew out before the storm from new york to chicago. rick, you got the numbers. >> yes, september trade balance of course is a deficit, but it is a smaller deficit. 41.5 billion. this comes from a lower, smaller deficit on the recession from last time august moved from 44.2 to 43.8. 41.5 is the smallest the deficit has been actually for a while. it looks to me you're going back towards december of 2010. claims actually moved lower to 355,000 from an unrevised
in the rebuilding of new orleans after katrina. so -- >> also, if you're a big movie star, can you kind of do these things the rest of us can't do. i sit around and think about furniture i want, but i don't think i could call up pollaro, hey, dude, let's do a deal. frank, if you're out there, give me a call. >>> rising above, which is our campaign about the fiscal cliff and how important it is that we get a solution, not just a deal. go on the website to read more about it. hopefully later today or tomorrow we'll tell you if you want to sport one of these handsome buttons. >> they gave me one just for coming on. >> i like that. >> we all have them. >> we'll hopefully have some ability to get you some buttons. >> i'm glad you found your button, ty. >>> coming up in the next hour, wendy's and mcdonald's moving in opposite directions today. we crown the best fast food stock. "power lunch" is back in just a few moments with the dow jones industrial average now paring its losses, off 56 points. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm totally focused. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-34
governor of mississippi when hurricane katrina came through. you know what you had to do in terms of working with the federal government. a lot of heat on chris christie, the governor of new jersey for being seen touring his state with president obama and praising his leadership. in your opinion, did governor christie break some unwritten rule? >> look, the governor, whether it's governor of mississippi or new jersey is supposed to do what's in the best interest of his state and his people. and when you have a big disaster like this, a governor knows that not for the next few weeks or months, but for years the federal government's going to be their partner. you know, it's very interesting to me when i didn't criticize george bush after katrina, the press attacked me for not criticizing, saying i was partisan. i did just exactly what chris christie did in this sense. i was taught criticize in private, praise in public, but criticize in private. and besides that, the federal government did a whole lot more right than wrong. for christie and new jersey, their relationship with the fe
stories of unbelievable hardship. we'll look at the latest signs that the fallout is reaching katrina-esque levels according to some and why some of these victims could face criminal charges for returning to their own now-destroyed homes. >> temporarily you're not allowed to stay in your house. basically, if you have children, they're not allowed in the house. if the children come in the house for a t-shirt, they're going to call children's services on you. you're losing your house, your life savings, you lost everything you own, and there's no help. megyn: well, we just heard that iran is set to flex its military muscle by conducting massive war games this weekend, but that comes on the heels of israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, warning that israel's prepared to go it alone if it has to. now, he made those comments in israel just hours before our presidential election. >> translator: if someone sits here as a prime minister of israel and he can't take action on matters that are cardinal to the existence of this country, its future and its security and he is totally depende
in 2005 following hurricane katrina. and last week they decided to air it again in the wake of super storm sandy. >> let's go back now to our top story. that naftly nor'easter that slammed new york and new jersey. >> many communities are affected including long island. that's where where find jill this morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we areness door where we found houseboats which are damaged. this is from sandy. we're dealing with some of the affects and snow here. take a look behind us. you can see those houseboats. that is a big boat that veered into the houseboat. so again, out of these 12 boats here, only three remain. and we'll pan over to the left here through the parking lot and looks like those are two more houseboats in the middle of the street. here people are without power. new york, new jersey and connecticut. and take a look. another houseboat remains on the front lawn of somebody's home. devastating here. we have lots of customers. 270,000 without power. and again throughout the whole east coast. lots of troubles with power issues. we have people here who stayed. on
. the manufactured housing, they are all mobile homes, and they are not katrina houses, or anything like that. in katrina, they work up for most years, i think. how long do you think these mobile homes will house and have they been tested for form of a high? >> these are existing structures that people qualify for v.a. and hud loans for. our traditional programs are 18 months. a lot of those are are to be how many homes are going to be repaired, and working closely with high and secretary donna onvan, and they have issued a regulation for what has to be approved by paul. i need to differ back to what the standards are. hud approves standards that are those standards used to approve loans for buying manufactured housing. >> that you so much. this concludes our call for today. for more information about fema, visit thank you very much. goodbye. >> i need some help over here. >> he just rolled about. >> >> where is sergeant robert yates today? >> he ended up entering himself into an innovative program at walter reed, where they ended up using acupuncture, meditation, using other techni
fell in love with him during katrina. don't give me that b.s. about fema doing a good job. i'm down here. >> shep has a real authenticity and a voice. he's also -- people don't understand how good he is. i've watched him on the fly. i've watched him when breaking news blows apart his run-down. and he can execute a breaking news situation as good as just about anyone in the business right now. >> bill: absolutely. major garrett -- [ laughter ] >> whatever. >> bill: major garrett is here. >> by the way, i was reading what shep just sent me. >> bill: major is a "friend of bill" for this whole hour. we'll be joined by stephanie from emily's list. she a good night tuesday night too. but first, what have you got dan? >> now that he helped his boss win re-election, vice president joe biden on to other fun projects. he's making a cameo on tv. e. online reports he's making a guest appearance on parks and recreation playing himself. amy poehler plays the woman leslie on the show. she's had a long crush on biden
, my god. that's the whole difference, karl, hurricane katrina, everybody saw what happened. this was the exact opposite. it wasn't just a photo op. it was the republican governor explaining everything the president had done. >> right. >> i could have done that. >> they felt it was different too. i keep waiting for this moment on fox news where -- like in the wizard of oz when it goes from black and white to tech any color? >> yeah. >> i'm waiting for it to go back to black and white on fox news. that's when things go back to normal. until then we have to watch these flying monkeys. >> stephanie: it literally has become like the simpson's old man shaking his stick at the clouds. >> right. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> we are outnumbered and losing ground. this was not a glitch. this is the trend that happened last night. this is the trend. we outnumbers. whether you want to put it in terms of have we lost the country or not, there is no other explanation. i don't care if there are more republicans that didn't vote. why didn't they? >> stephanie: it is going
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)